Shapes and Faces

Shapes and faces

There are seven basic facial shapes. By considering the shape of your face you can choose the eyewear that most suits you. Please keep in mind that the suggestions listed below may not be appropiate for everyone.

This face shape is characterized by a wide forehead, cheek, and chin area. The jaw line is strong with a wide brow to match. The length of the face generally matches the width. Choose frames that will soften the angles such as oval, round or rimless.


This face shape has a large curved forehead with a rounded chin and has few angles. The face looks full. It is best to balance this shape with angular, geometric designs. These will make the round face seem longer and thinner.


This face is neither curvy nor angular. Because this shape is considered balanced, almost any frame shape will look good, especially cat-eye shapes.


This is considered a more unusual face shape. The forehead is small, the temple is wide and there is a gradual decrease to a small chin area. Shallow ovals, geometrics and cat-eyes are ideal.

Triangle with the base up

This is a heart shaped face where the forehead is the widest part of the face then narrows gradually to a slightly pointed chin. Frames that offset this face shape and are narrower on top and wider on the bottom work well. Rimless designs also balance this face shape.

Triangle with the base down

This face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead with a gradually widening cheek and chin area. Rimless or square frame shapes offset this face shape nicely.

Long and narrow or oblong

The length of the face exceeds the width. Round or square frame shapes will shorten and soften this face shape.