Frequently Asked Questions


Is MyGlasses.com™ website safe to order from?

Yes! Shopping at MyGlasses.com™ is safe. Your account and personal information are our highest priority. Our web site is protected by SSL encryption technology.
MyGlasses.com™ web site uses High-Grade Encryption (AES 256 256bit) to ensure that all information you give to the web site is absolutely secure! An SSL certificate is provided by both GoDaddy.com and Authorize.net. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a web site to visiting browsers and encrypts information for the server via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. A certificate serves as an electronic "passport" that establishes an on-line entity's credentials when doing business on the web. When an internet user attempts to send confidential information to a web server, the user's browser will access the server's digital certificate and establish a secure connection. GoDaddy.com SSL certificates support both industry standard 128 bit (used by all banking infrastructures) and high-grade 256 bit SSL encryption to secure online transactions. The actual encryption strength on a secure connection using a digital certificate is determined by the level of encryption supported by the user's browser and the server that the web site resides on.

Are your frames authentic?

Yes. All of our frames have original invoices direct from the manufactures, so you are guaranteed to receive nothing but authentic frames from MyGlasses.com.

How do I place an order?

Select a frame that you would like to purchase by first browsing through all available or shop by category (ex. material of the frame, brand name, gender, or price). Then select if you wish to buy the frame only or buy the frame with prescription lenses. Proceed in placing your order by following the prompts which will direct you in completing your order.

If you are not ready to place an order yet, just add your frame selections to your wish list.

How do I enter my prescription?

After you select the frame you want, the prompt will ask you to enter your prescription from the drop down tool bars. Enter your prescription exactly as it is written. The first row of your prescription is your prescription for your right eye (OD) and the second row is the prescription for your left eye (OS). If there is no cylinder or astigmatic component then leave this section alone. If you have a reading or near component to your prescription your doctor probably entered an ADD to your prescription. You may select the "ADD" that was written for you from the drop down tool bar. Generally most "ADD's" are the same for each eye.

Best Ways to Provide and Verify Your Prescription

Email: Send a photo or scan of your prescription by email attachment.

Upload: Upload a photo or scan of your prescription to our website.

Fax: Fax us a copy of your prescription.

Call my doctor: Give us the name and phone number of your optometrist. We'll contact your doctor directly for your prescription information.

We recommend: When filling your prescription, please make sure your doctor puts in your PD.

How do I get my prescription from my doctor?

Simply print out this form by clicking here and bring it to your doctor.

How do I measure my PD - Pupillary Distance?

We recommend seeing an eye care professional to accurately determine this measurement. You could have a friend help you to take this measurement, but if you have a strong prescription your PD should be exact. If you do have a friend assist you with this you will need a millimeter ruler. Have your friend rest the ruler on your nose and measure the center of your right pupil to the center of your left pupil. This measurement is your pupillary distance (PD) For more PD measuring options please click: How to Measure Your PD

What if I have two measurements for my PD?

If the two numbers for your PD are close together (ex. 30/31.5) your optical provider measured your monocular pupillary distance so click on MONO PD and enter numbers. If the two numbers for your PD are larger and further apart (ex. 61/57), the first measurement is your distance PD and the second measurement is your near or reading PD. The larger first measurement is your choice if you are getting distance glasses, progressive, or a bifocal. Use the second measurement if you want reading/near glasses only.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order status by clicking "My Account" at the upper right hand corner of our web site.

Can I use my own frame?

At MyGlasses.com™ we no longer offer replacing lenses into your own frame. This way we can fully guarantee our product in the event of loss or damage during shipping. Also, frames of any age can occasionally break during the lens making process. If one of our frames breaks during the lens making process we have the ability to replace the frame, but if the frame is your own we do not. In order to avoid any complications, we now adhere to the no patient own frame policy.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

What if I am not satisfied with my order?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange it or return it within 30 days of receipt.

Exchanges and Returns
When you return a product, you may exchange it for another product, receive store credit for a future purchase, or request a refund.
There is no charge to exchange frames or non-prescription eyewear. (See below for exchanging prescription eyewear).

When exchanging a product for a product of greater value, you will be charged the difference. When exchanging for a product of lower value, we will credit the difference back to your credit card or other method of payment you used.

Be sure to keep all original packaging until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Boxes, instruction booklets, warranty cards, cleaning cloths, cases, etc., must be in good condition and included in your exchange or return.

Customers pay the shipping cost when you exchange or return products to MyGlasses.com™. However, if you received a damaged product, or if your prescription lenses are not accurate in accordance with the prescription you provided, MyGlasses.com™ will provide return shipping.

If you receive a damaged product, do not attempt to repair it. The damage may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, but your repair efforts may invalidate that coverage. Just return it to MyGlasses.com™ in the condition you received it.

Make sure to return your product promptly to take advantage of our 30-day 100% satisfaction policy.

Read more at http://www.myglasses.com/refund-policy-customer-guarantee.aspx

What if I want to order nonprescription lenses?

If you would like to order non-prescription lenses simply choose non-prescription lenses when directed to during ordering process.

Can I order Frames with "Plano" (non prescription) lenses?

Yes. Simply select “ADD PRESCRIPTION” then Non-prescription lenses on the RX product page as you configure lenses. Plano lenses are very same quality that someone who has a prescription would receive.

Is the order checked to make sure that nothing is wrong before shipping it to me?

Yes. We have trained opticians that quality checks all of our frames and lenses prior to shipping them to you.

Can I order just the frame?

Yes. On the product page, you can select "Add to Cart." This option will include the frames only with manufacturer’s demo lenses.

What do I need to be able to place an order for prescription eyeglasses?

All you need is a copy of your glasses prescription, a valid credit card or a valid PayPal account. If you have questions or need help, one of our lens specialists will be happy to help you with this step. Just Call at 1-866-398-0123, chat online, or email one of our Specialists info@myglasses.com

Do you sell sunglasses?

Yes. We sell many of the top brands of sunglasses, including prescription sunglasses.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

We sell top brand sunglasses fitted with high-quality prescription sunglass lenses.

What forms of payment do you accept?

MyGlasses.com™ accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, flex-spending credit cards, Health Savings credit cards, PayPal.

What if there is a back order on my lenses and or frame?

You will receive email notification in the event of a back order. You will have the option to keep the existing order or make changes that will expedite your order.

What are cookies? Do I need to enable cookies on my browser to shop at MyGlasses.com™?

Cookies are small text only files that allow web sites to be customized based on user preferences. Our web site uses cookies to allow your web browser to "hold" the items in your shopping cart. All shopping websites require the use of cookies. If you do not have cookies enabled in your web browser you cannot use the shopping cart and place orders. Only the product name and quantity of the items you put in your shopping cart are stored in our cookies.

How do I care for my eyeglasses?

As a general rule, your lenses should be wet before cleaning. Although your lenses are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof. If the lenses are cleaned when dry, a particle of dust or grit may be dragged across the lenses, thus scratching them.

Use mild soap or dish washing liquid with warm water to clean the lenses, then rinse with warm water. Avoid abrasive cleaners and ammonia products.

Blot the lenses dry; avoid rubbing the lenses. Lenses may also be cleaned using a microfiber cloth, but it is always best to clean them wet first.

To avoid bending or misaligning the frame, two hands should be used for placement and removal of eyewear.

Always store eyewear in a suitable case; never place eyewear on a chair or seat where they may be damaged.

What will my glasses come with?

Your glasses will come with the original case and cleaning cloth provided by the manufacturer of your frame choice. Some manufacturers do not provide these items; in that event, MyGlasses.com™ will provide a hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Can I use my flex spending account (FSA) and or health savings account(HSA) credit card to purchase my glasses or sunglasses?

Yes, you may use your flex spending or health savings card to pay for your glasses. Your card will be processed just as a regular credit card would be. Your order will include an itemized receipt to document your spending.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order provided it has not left our factory. If it has then we will need to you to follow our return policy.

Do I need to return the item in its original packaging?

An item must be returned in the original manufacturer's packaging, so we recommend to keep all original packaging until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! MyGlasses.com ships internationally to most countries.

Do you ship signature required?

We ship signature required for all orders over $250.

Can you help me choose a style?

Yes. Please visit out face shape guide at: http://www.myglasses.com/shapes-and-faces.aspx If you have questions or need help, one of our lens specialists will be happy to help you with this step. Just Call at 1-866-398-0123, chat online, or email one of our MyGlasses Specialists info@myglasses.com

How do I choose the right size frame for my face?

We include the size measurements on the product details pages for each frame. If you have current eyeglasses, you can most likely see these measurements written on the inside of the temple of your current glasses or on the back of the bridge.

The measurement is generally written like this: 50-15-135. The first measurement is the eye size (width of the lenses), the second is the bridge size (distance between the lenses), and the third is the temple size. If you have questions or need help, one of our lens specialists will be happy to help you with this step. Just Call at 1-866-398-0123, chat online, or email one of our MyGlasses Specialists info@myglasses.com

Can you help me read and understand my prescription?

Yes. If you have questions or need help, one of our lens specialists will be happy to help you with this step. Just Call at 1-866-398-0123, chat online, or email one of our MyGlasses Specialists info@myglasses.com or simply send a copy of you prescription.

Are eyeglasses FSA and HSA eligible?

Yes. We will send you a detailed receipt that you can use for reimbursement and documentation.

I have received my glasses, but I need to return them. What is the process?

Call, chat online, or email one of our Just Call at 1-866-398-0123, chat online, or email one of our MyGlasses Specialists info@myglasses.com and we will be happy to assist you with setting up your return.

What is Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare Coating?

MyGlasses.com™ provides and recommends anti-reflective / anti-glare coatings for all lenses. Anti-reflective / anti-glare coatings offer outstanding lens clarity by eliminating unnecessary reflections. These coatings are ideal for any lens wearer, especially computer users and night time drivers. Anti-glare coatings help minimize eye fatigue caused by unwanted reflections on the lens. Anti-reflective coatings have the added benefit of enhancing the cosmetic appearance of any lens.

Standard Anti-Reflective (Better): Crisp, clear reflection-free viewing. Ideal for any lens wearer, especially computer users and night-time drivers. With this coating, lenses are also easier to clean and more scratch-resistant.

Premium Anti-Reflective (Best): The best choice for maximum clarity.This coating repels water, oil and grime, so your lenses are easier to clean and they stay clean longer. This coating also provides the best scratch resistance protection.

Blue Light Protection Anti-reflective/Anti-glare RECOMMENDED : Great choice everyone for all lens choice for maximum clarity with best eye protection. MyGlasses.com lenses help protect your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light in everyday surroundings including sunlight, indoor lighting, and most digital screens.

What is Computer/Office Lenses?

MyGlasses.com sells only Digital / High Definition Office
A lens that facilitates reading from a screen and that reduces eyestrain Using a computer makes specific demands on the body and its movements. That is why Computer/Extended Range Reading Lens was developed. Scientific research has shown that working on a screen can cause musculoskeletal disorders as well as heighten stress. While reading from a screen does not lead to eye disease, it can reveal untreated or poorly corrected visual deficiencies. It can also be the source of significant eyestrain. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a growing problem. Over 14% of patients scheduling an eye exam complain of CVS, the complex of eye and vision problems associated with extended computer use. Yet standard eyeglasses aren’t designed for computer use. They often cause wearers to squint or adjust their heads in an effort to see the monitor, keyboard and objects on the desk. This is especially true of presbyopes. Computer Lenses can provide you with clear vision out to 7 feet. Mid-range vision will vary depending upon prescription.
Occupational Lenses do not offer a clear view of objects beyond SEVEN feet away. They should never be used while driving or for other activities that require clear distance vision.

Can I order fashion tinted lenses?

MyGlasses.com offers over 30 different color combinations. Simply choose tinted prescription sunglasses option during you ordering process.

Can I order Lined Bifocal lenses?

MyGlasses.com sells only latest and greatest Digital NoLine Bifocal (Progressive) lenses.

PROGRESSIVE / MULTIFOCAL LENSES are used for multiple viewing tasks. The distance prescription is on the top of the lenses which progressively changes to the reading prescription as you move from the top of the lenses to the bottom. These lenses have no visible lines and appear as a single vision lenses.

DIGITAL / HIGH DEFINITION PROGRESSIVE LENSES deliver optimized visual clarity that is customized for each individual’s prescription and frame choice. High definition progressive lenses automatically combine the wearer’s prescription and customize the optics with the frame to maximize visual performance.