About Our Frames & Lenses

About Our Frames & Lenses

Our frames


1. Metal:

a) Standard metal is generally lightweight. Most metal frames are usually composed of a nickel/steel alloy.
b) Stainless steel is lightweight and corrosion resistant.
c) Titanium frames are hypoallergenic, the lightest of metals, and are superior in resisting corrosion. Titanium frames are the best choice for anyone that has experienced frame peeling in the past or whose frame has turned green in color around the nose pads.
d) Flexible or memory metal frames are made of a titanium alloy which allow for extreme flexing. Frames made of this type of material are best in durability and require minimal adjustments.


2. Plastic:

Plastic frames are mainly composed of a zyl material which makes these frames a nice lightweight choice. Plastic frames usually have no nose pads which may appeal to those who take on and off their glasses frequently.


3. Rimless and Semi-rimless:

Rimless consists of no frame on the front of the glasses. The glasses are supported by either metal or plastic temples, “frame arms”, which are drilled into the lenses. Semi-rimless implies half the glasses are supported with a frame and the other half (usually the bottom) is without a frame.


4. Spring hinge/Flexible hinge:

Spring hinges can be used in all types of frame materials. These pieces allow frames to flex where the temples “frame arms” meet the frame front. This feature helps relieve stress from everyday wear and tear.


About our Lenses

 SINGLE VISION / NON-DIGITAL lenses are used for one area of focus: distance, near intermediate and or computer.

      Non-prescription - Lenses without any correction. Available in plastic or polycarbonate.

      Readers Non-prescription - A modest correction without the necessity of a doctor’s prescription. Available in plastic or polycarbonate.


 STANDARD SINGLE VISION this single vision viewing option has been the standard for generations.


DIGITAL / HIGH DEFINITION SINGLE VISION offers the latest developments in new digital vision technology. Digital lenses customize your vision based upon your prescription and frame selection. You will enjoy the personalized benefits and the precision of a digital lens wearer.


PROGRESSIVE / MULTIFOCAL LENSES are used for multiple viewing tasks. The distance prescription is on the top of the lenses which progressively changes to the reading prescription as you move from the top of the lenses to the bottom. These lenses have no visible lines and appear as a single vision lenses.


DIGITAL / HIGH DEFINITION PROGRESSIVE LENSES deliver optimized visual clarity that is customized for each individual’s prescription and frame choice. High definition progressive lenses automatically combine the wearer’s prescription and customize the optics with the frame to maximize visual performance.




Silver Progressive Lenses: this moderately priced progressive design from MyGlasses.com™ makes choosing a progressive seem easy! This progressive design offers the wearer the latest design for smooth, comfortable vision correction at all distances without a visible line. Designed using the new 3D Virtual Reality System for realistic simulation evaluation. Multi-polar astigmatic correction improves panoramic vision and image stability.


Gold Progressive Lenses: this is MyGlasses.com™ Our most technologically advanced progressive lens design. These progressive lenses provide the viewer superb clarity in all viewing areas of the lens. MyGlasses.com™ premium progressive lenses offer the wearer unsurpassed visual clarity in the near and intermediate viewing zones. Up to 40% wider visual fields. A truly customized lens, with an exact prescription for near, an exact prescription for intermediate, and an exact prescription for distance. Unsurpassed visual clarity in the near and intermediate viewing zones.




A lens that facilitates reading from a screen and that reduces eyestrain Using a computer makes specific demands on the body and its movements. That is why Computer/Extended Range Reading Lens was developed. Scientific research has shown that working on a screen can cause musculoskeletal disorders as well as heighten stress. While reading from a screen does not lead to eye disease, it can reveal untreated or poorly corrected visual deficiencies. It can also be the source of significant eyestrain. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a growing problem. Over 14% of patients scheduling an eye exam complain of CVS, the complex of eye and vision problems associated with extended computer use. Yet standard eyeglasses aren’t designed for computer use. They often cause wearers to squint or adjust their heads in an effort to see the monitor, keyboard and objects on the desk. This is especially true of presbyopes. Computer Lenses can provide you with clear vision out to 7 feet. Mid-range vision will vary depending upon prescription.
Occupational Lenses do not offer a clear view of objects beyond SEVEN feet away. They should never be used while driving or for other activities that require clear distance vision.


Computer Lenses:

Digital / High Definition Office

Digital / High Definition Computer Lenses: deliver optimized visual clarity that is customized for each individual’s prescription and frame choice. High definition computer/extended range reading lenses virtually eliminate any optical distortion from 16 inches (40cm) up to 7 feet (≈4.0m).  Ideal for reading computer screens and printed materials. Available in plastic or polycarbonate. Available only with digital upgrade. Available only with premium AR (anti-reflective to minimize glare) -- at no extra charge.



MyGlasses.com™ provides and recommends anti-reflective / anti-glare coatings for all lenses. Anti-reflective / anti-glare coatings offer outstanding lens clarity by eliminating unnecessary reflections. These coatings are ideal for any lens wearer, especially computer users and night time drivers. Anti-glare coatings help minimize eye fatigue caused by unwanted reflections on the lens. Anti-reflective coatings have the added benefit of enhancing the cosmetic appearance of any lens.


Standard Anti-Reflective (Better): Crisp, clear reflection-free viewing. Ideal for any lens wearer, especially computer users and night-time drivers. With this coating, lenses are also easier to clean and more scratch-resistant.


Premium Anti-Reflective (Best): The best choice for maximum clarity.This coating repels water, oil and grime, so your lenses are easier to clean and they stay clean longer. This coating also provides the best scratch resistance protection.

Blue Light Protection Anti-reflective/Anti-glare RECOMMENDED : Great choice everyone for all lens choice for maximum clarity with best eye protection. MyGlasses.com lenses help protect your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light in everyday surroundings including sunlight, indoor lighting, and most digital screens.